Who is Painting?

14 Oct 2012

Is it all an Illusion?

Is it all an Illusion? - Oil Painting on Canvas

There wasn’t a  jerk
There wasn’t a  flash of light
There wasn’t a skipping of their heart beats
There wasn’t an angel whispering into their ears
On that day destined for them to meet.
Or may be ‘destiny’ is an illusion!

But something pulling her,
From his direction all the time.
And her eyes had to follow him every time,
Scanning his being,
Again and again.
And his eyes silently pulled too.
Or may be ‘pulling’ is an illusion!

As her eyes closed,
He smiled through her lips
And saw through her eyes -
A void being held tightly,
For him to fill and easy
Or may be ‘closed eyes’ is an illusion!

When there is nothing left for her to speak
Nothing left for him to speak
And only silence remains,
They speak everything.
Or may be ‘silence’ is an illusion!

If it all were an illusion,
Why does she pray to
turn the illusions to reality?

When time and space brings them
On the same path to travel,
Why doesn’t their hearts and minds?

                                                     - Nandhini VK
Yet another recorded event of my life. How nice to feel that when I look back at my painting blog, I would have many of my own life moments pictured in it! As the swing rocks back, he comes forth on her front. It moves forward and she closes her eyes against the wind - his being melts away. Love, an illusion? 


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