3 Sep 2011

Bathing Ghat

Bathing Ghat - Oil Painting on Canvas

I picked up this scene from Edwin Lord Weeks' collections. I liked the mood set of an ordinary daily life near this ghat. The half-clad ladies, the boat man, the building behind - everything is set at its own pace, none appears to be hurrying in their daily chores. 

I had a new romantic song (a good combo of melody + taal) playing in the background while doing this one. Fortunately it was set to the repeat mode and that's when I discovered listening to the same music in the background sustains the attention and mood while painting. Also, this was the first time I understood how fantastic it feels to paint light and shades. 

This painting was selected for a display at Musuem theatre, Chennai by the Evam group. Though I wasn't able to go with my painting personally, they were kind enough to display a print of the painting. 

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