Who is Painting?

14 Oct 2012

Is it all an Illusion?

Is it all an Illusion? - Oil Painting on Canvas

There wasn’t a  jerk
There wasn’t a  flash of light
There wasn’t a skipping of their heart beats
There wasn’t an angel whispering into their ears
On that day destined for them to meet.
Or may be ‘destiny’ is an illusion!

But something pulling her,
From his direction all the time.
And her eyes had to follow him every time,
Scanning his being,
Again and again.
And his eyes silently pulled too.
Or may be ‘pulling’ is an illusion!

As her eyes closed,
He smiled through her lips
And saw through her eyes -
A void being held tightly,
For him to fill and easy
Or may be ‘closed eyes’ is an illusion!

When there is nothing left for her to speak
Nothing left for him to speak
And only silence remains,
They speak everything.
Or may be ‘silence’ is an illusion!

If it all were an illusion,
Why does she pray to
turn the illusions to reality?

When time and space brings them
On the same path to travel,
Why doesn’t their hearts and minds?

                                                     - Nandhini VK
Yet another recorded event of my life. How nice to feel that when I look back at my painting blog, I would have many of my own life moments pictured in it! As the swing rocks back, he comes forth on her front. It moves forward and she closes her eyes against the wind - his being melts away. Love, an illusion? 

3 Sept 2011

Bathing Ghat

Bathing Ghat - Oil Painting on Canvas

I picked up this scene from Edwin Lord Weeks' collections. I liked the mood set of an ordinary daily life near this ghat. The half-clad ladies, the boat man, the building behind - everything is set at its own pace, none appears to be hurrying in their daily chores. 

I had a new romantic song (a good combo of melody + taal) playing in the background while doing this one. Fortunately it was set to the repeat mode and that's when I discovered listening to the same music in the background sustains the attention and mood while painting. Also, this was the first time I understood how fantastic it feels to paint light and shades. 

This painting was selected for a display at Musuem theatre, Chennai by the Evam group. Though I wasn't able to go with my painting personally, they were kind enough to display a print of the painting. 

1 Sept 2011

Bathing Ghat 2

Bathing ghat - Oil Painting on Canvas

This picture was another admirable one from the Edwin Lord Weeks' collections. Yet another chance to paint water! Painting water is a great relaxation. It takes me to the elements of real water. 

Painting reflections - one of my favourite subjects! There is no definitive outline that a reflection needs to carry and the waviness and transparency that a reflection portrays makes it unique from all other subjects.

The pot! I liked it better than the ladies :) Its copper colour, the sunlight glare and the shadow were new and interesting to me.

The old wall in the background - though it's just a plain surface without depth, it has an artistic design  created by the marks left by the rain water leaks and the faded wall paint here and there.  

31 Aug 2011


Silence - Oil Painting on Paper

Silence - this is one of my close-to-the-heart paintings. Felt and painted! This girl, beautifully dressed in blue and surrounded by red rose petals - with a first look, it could probably feel that this silence is of a romantic love and its blush.Take a close look at the empty face. Remain quiet and attune yourself with the girl's feeling. You CAN feel what she feels!

From this work, I realized how the absence of the facial features can sometimes bring out the emotions better. Doing the background was as interesting as the figure. A new combination of media - oil paint on paper :)

29 Aug 2011

Are we mere puppets of the past?

Are we mere Puppets of the Past? - Oil Painting on Canvas

Sometimes, no matter what and how I try, there’s always a ‘No entry’ pop-up in front of all my plans. Sometimes, no matter how much I pray, the answers don't seem to come my way. Sometimes, I feel I've lost focus and I've forgotten what I want. And I have no clue of where I am going

That's when I doubt if I am only a puppet of my past. If it's only my past karma that is dictating my present. If I am only driven by the strings from the planets in my horoscope. 

There were only three colours used in this painting to give an earthy feeling. There were moments when I hold my paint brush, I don't have to think and plan what to paint. It just flows - this was one such moment. 


Wedding - Oil Painting on Canvas

The reference was a celebrity wedding from google. 

One of the many important occasions in India and the most grand celebration in one's life. Especially for the brides, it's the dream day. A saree in meroon is the most common bridal wear with a complete jewellery set ornamenting head to toe. And it impresses me a lot to see a happy bride!

24 Aug 2011

Radha and Krishna - Pencil Sketch

This was done during those days while I started doing sketches as a time pass. A time when I didn't know what a HP means to sketching and when oil colours were strangers to me. I remember it was done with a Nataraj pencil, the one which used to come with red and black stripes. I am not sure if they are still available. Yet the white camlin pencil with pink and green flowers used to my favourite :) The reference was a print I had seen in a xerox shop. 

Radha and Krishna, in any form allure my liking for the love and devotion of Radha towards Krishna touches me deep. I requested the shop guy to give me a copy of the picture. 

Sketching takes me to a new world. It feels time and space are kept on hold when I hold the pencil. Specifically, to sketch ornaments, the foldings in clothes is an indescribable part. 

23 Aug 2011

The Palaquin Bearers

Palanquin Bearers - Water Colour on Paper

Lightly, O lightly we bear her along,
She sways like a flower in the wind of our song;
She skims like a bird on the foam of a stream,
She floats like a laugh from the lips of a dream.
Gaily, O gaily we glide and we sing,
We bear her along like a pearl on a string.

Softly, O softly we bear her along,
She hangs like a star in the dew of our song;
She springs like a beam on the brow of the tide,
She falls like a tear from the eyes of a bride.
Lightly, O lightly we glide and we sing,
We bear her along like a pearl on a string.
- Sarojini Naidu (A master piece by the Nightingale of India)

The reference is a black and white ink sketch by Solomon Vedamuthu, a well 
known architect of Chennai. This was done for a Tamil novel 

Palanquin reminds me of a deep fond memory, I don't know of when though. That's the loveliest way for queens and brides to travel. I wish one day, somebody would be ready to carry me that way ;)

This was a quick painting. I liked the long road, four men and the hour of the sunset. And painting different shades of greens of the trees is always refreshing. 

21 Aug 2011


Time - Water Colour on Paper

The reference was a picture from google images. It feels more beautiful when some arts are not explained. Hence, I leave this one unexplained. Definitely, one of my favourites and I miss it!