29 Aug 2011

Are we mere puppets of the past?

Are we mere Puppets of the Past? - Oil Painting on Canvas

Sometimes, no matter what and how I try, there’s always a ‘No entry’ pop-up in front of all my plans. Sometimes, no matter how much I pray, the answers don't seem to come my way. Sometimes, I feel I've lost focus and I've forgotten what I want. And I have no clue of where I am going

That's when I doubt if I am only a puppet of my past. If it's only my past karma that is dictating my present. If I am only driven by the strings from the planets in my horoscope. 

There were only three colours used in this painting to give an earthy feeling. There were moments when I hold my paint brush, I don't have to think and plan what to paint. It just flows - this was one such moment. 

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