24 Aug 2011

Radha and Krishna - Pencil Sketch

This was done during those days while I started doing sketches as a time pass. A time when I didn't know what a HP means to sketching and when oil colours were strangers to me. I remember it was done with a Nataraj pencil, the one which used to come with red and black stripes. I am not sure if they are still available. Yet the white camlin pencil with pink and green flowers used to my favourite :) The reference was a print I had seen in a xerox shop. 

Radha and Krishna, in any form allure my liking for the love and devotion of Radha towards Krishna touches me deep. I requested the shop guy to give me a copy of the picture. 

Sketching takes me to a new world. It feels time and space are kept on hold when I hold the pencil. Specifically, to sketch ornaments, the foldings in clothes is an indescribable part. 

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